We invite you to submit a paper to the IBWAP 2017. The abstracts will be published in the book of abstracts: print ISSN 2501-9058/ISSN L 2501-9058 and online ISSN 2501-9066/ISSN L 2501-9058.

 The following guidelines have been prepared for all authors, which provide the steps for the on-line submission. Template

 The title will be written with “Times New Roman”, 14 points, uppercase letters, bold, centered, followed by an empty line.

 The names of the authors will be written with “Times New Roman”, 12 points, names with lowercase letters and family names with uppercase letters , centered, followed by an empty line. Numbered superscripts will label the affiliations of the different authors. The author presenting the paper should be underlined.

 The affiliations will be written with lowercase letters, using “Times New Roman”, 10 points, italics, centered, followed by an empty line.

 The abstracts must be written in English on one A4 page, with 2.5 cm margins all around, using “Times New Roman”, 12 points, with a single line paragraph spacing.

 The text of the abstract should be justified.

 The use of figures, references and acknowledgements in the abstract is encouraged.


  Participants are encouraged to first register and after to submit abstracts on-line at the following address:


1. Register - presenting author


2. Abstract submission


  Instructions for Oral and Poster Presentations


Instructions for oral and poster presentations are here.